Congratulations to Zac Dewald and James Hicks on Remarkable Victory in 2023-24 Mira Cup Pro 600 Points Championship!

Troy Pierce Racing is thrilled to extend heartfelt congratulations to Zac Dewald and James Hicks for their sensational triumph in the 2023-24 Mira Cup Pro 600 Points Championship. The dynamic duo rode Mickeys Sleds, finely tuned by the exceptional expertise of Todd Krikke, utilizing front and rear suspension kits from, securing a monumental win in oval snowmobile racing.

The Mira Cup Pro 600 Points Championship is renowned for its intense competition and rigorous challenges, making this victory all the more remarkable. Zac Dewald and James Hicks demonstrated unparalleled skill, determination, and teamwork throughout the season, ultimately emerging as the undisputed champions.

Troy Pierce, the orce behind, expressed his profound gratitude to Zac Dewald, James Hicks, and the entire team for their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. He remarked, “This victory is a testament to the relentless effort and commitment exhibited by Zac, James, and our entire team.”

Pierce continued, “I am immensely proud of Zac and James for their momentous achievement. Their victory not only highlights their individual talent but also underscores the collective effort and synergy within our racing community. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to them and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future.”

The triumph in the 2023-24 Mira Cup Pro 600 Points Championship marks a significant milestone for Zac Dewald, James Hicks, Todd Krikke, Mickeys Sleds, and, solidifying their status as forces to be reckoned with in the world of snowmobile racing.

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