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Go Faster, Turn Smoother and Look Better

Made in Roseau, Home of Polaris Snowmobiles

Troy testing a smokin’ hot 1978 Polaris 340cc RXL clone at the famous Beausejour, Manitoba race track.

Test and tune day for a new FIII Polaris race sled. Watch as it launches on winters first ice in the northland.

Tired of Almost Winning?

Troy Pierce sleds are at the front of the pack on the east coast, in Eagle River, from Saskatchewan to Minnesota.

Troy is up on all the latest and greatest racing tech from Polaris and other  manufacturers. He can apply years of winning experience, superior craftsmanship and know how to your racing efforts and get you out front.

Looking for a unique custom Polaris race sled?

How it Works

Do It Yourself:

for the parts you need.

Give Troy a call or
email and place your order

Install, test, practice, test and practice some more

Win some races and be the hero you were born to be.

Partner with Troy:

Give Troy a call and talk about what you are looking for in a new FIII, Starfire, RXL or other Polaris race sled.

Troy will build you the machine of your dreams – and if requested, helpw ith testing & setup.

Go fast,
turn left,
look cool and WIN!

Get Pro Tuning Help!

Building your sled is one thing. The most over looked aspect of winning races is the pre-season test and tune sessions. It’s there that you’ll push your machine to its limit, and then dial it back a tiny bit so it lasts. 

It takes commitment and experience to really fine tune a machine and now you can have the experience of Troy Pierce and his One Wolf Motorsports at the test track to help you. 

$100 for the first hour, and $75/hr after that. Contact Us to learn more

About Troy Pierce Racing

Troy began racing back in 1978. At a very young age he began building his race sleds to his own specifications. He did have a little help, being from Roseau and the home of the famed Polaris Professional Race Team, and his stepdad being Greg Hedlund, the Polaris Race Coordinator.

Troy worked at, and learned from Pro-5, Rosco Surplus, Polaris, Wahl Brothers, and currently works at Polaris Engineering New Product Development. During Troy’s storied racing career he won more than his fair share, and now he wants to help YOU win those races!


Troy Pierce Racing News

FIII Tuning Specs

FIII 600 tuning specs. These specs will get going in the right direction but testing is always recommended to suite you altitude and weather conditions.

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