Troy Pierce Racing

Troy Pierce know racing and knows Polaris like no one else.

Troy is a deep part of the Polaris racing family. He’s been around Polaris racing at the factory in Roseau, Minnesota since he was a kid, and was racing from the time he was big enough to sit on a Polaris. He’s a two time winner of the famed I-500 endurance race and countless races through out the snow belt.

He still works at Polaris but also helps other racers with his high-quality Polaris Starfires and RXL’s to run in vintage classes all over the world.

Labor rates are $57/hr. 


Chassis – 73-76 Starfires, 77-79 RXL’s starting at $9,500.


Engine Modifications

Everything you need to have the fastest, meanest Fuji under your hood.

IMG_0265Light Weight Race Hoods

RXL and Starfire hoods – original and updated to fit wider chassis.

Individual Chassis Parts

– TPR Race Seats
– ‘73 Starfire Bulkhead With Motor Plate (34.5” Ski Stance)
– ‘73 Starfire Tunnels
– and much more!

Troy Testing a 340 RXL in Beausejour